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About IPP

Who we are

IPP is where we transcend traditional dental education to foster a community of specialists united by support, knowledge, and a shared dedication to mutual improvement.
At the core of our philosophy is the creation of a familial environment that encourages growth and the relentless pursuit of clinical excellence.

We proudly connect you with top international speakers, bringing multidisciplinary perspectives to our courses. These sessions provide a unique platform for professionals to learn from the best in the field, promoting dissemination of knowledge and inspiration.

Dr. shah sachin

  • Specialist in Prosthodontics ​
  • He excels in complex dental cases and pioneered the injection moulding technique​
  • He now seeks to share his perfected technique with the dental community
  • Expertise in cosmetic gum surgeries, mucogingival surgery, and dental implants, with a focus on complex implant rehabilitation and oral health improvement.

With a focus on complex multidisciplinary cases, Sachin leads treatment planning efforts, emphasizing personalized outcomes.

His commitment extends to education, teaching at UCL Eastman Dental Institute and contributing expertise in implant dentistry.

Sachin's dedication to precision is evident through his use of high magnification and operation of a fixed prosthodontic laboratory. Committed to research and evidence-based dentistry, he has published on tooth wear management.

His special interests include preventive dentistry, implant reconstructions, and aesthetic rehabilitations. Sachin's meticulous approach and dedication to patient well-being make him a trusted professional in the field.


  • Innovator in adapting and perfecting the injection moulding technique for optimal results
  • 11-years of Clinical Experience​
  • Around 500 cases performed in total
  • Currently an Academic Clinical Fellow at UCL, focusing on research in digital dentistry and artificial intelligence.

Junaid, a distinguished clinician with a Master's in Conservative Dentistry, received the UCL Dental School Commemorative Prize for Excellence in Prosthodontics. A former lecturer at UCL and a visiting lecturer at UCL Eastman Dental Institute, he is now an Academic Clinical Fellow, with research interests in digital dentistry and artificial intelligence.

Junaid is a recognised Key Opinion Leader for Kuraray and has a deep understanding of adhesive dentistry and biomimetic principles. He often shares insights on postgraduate programs to the next generation of emerging dentists on the latest advances within adhesive and restorative and implant dentistry.

Passionate about education, Junaid takes pride in imparting knowledge to the next generation of dentists. His passion for education has lead him to undertake further training in becoming a better a clinical educator and is now a recognised with a fellowship in higher education. His philosophy has always been to try and share his passion for dentistry to his students by breaking down and simplifying complex dentistry through repeatable and predictable teaching exercises. He hopes to continue with this goal through the Institute of Perio-Prosthodontics.

Dr. Khurrum Hussain

  • Highly experienced specialist periodontist and implant surgeon.
  • Extensive teaching background.
  • Recognized on the General Dental Council's specialist list for Periodontics.
  • Expertise in cosmetic gum surgeries, mucogingival surgery, and dental implants, with a focus on complex implant rehabilitation and oral health improvement.

Dr. Hussain is a highly-qualified extensively experienced specialist periodontist and implant surgeon, with years of experience teaching and training budding dentists wishing to elevate their surgical skills.

Dr. Hussain has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in specialised periodontic practices, concurrently serving as a clinical educator at the University of Manchester Dental Hospital. Furthermore, is a co-founder of PerioMatters, an initiative where his profound expertise and skills are employed to assist fellow clinicians in their ongoing professional development. He is a member of the leadership team for the National Osteology Group UK, whose goal is to disseminate the latest research and make it accessible to more clinicians.

Dr. Morteza mazinanian

  • Meticulous approach to dentistry
  • 11-years of Clinical Experience
  • Implantologist
  • Vaste experience in teaching

Dr. Morteza Mazinanian is a Specialist in Prosthodontics, a Partner at Dental Excellence, Co-founder of the Institute of Perio-Prosthodontics, and Director of the Buckinghamshire Study Club.
After graduating in dentistry, Morteza continued to develop as a clinician, gaining experience in general practice and hospital settings. He furthered his career by earning a master's degree with
distinction in fixed and removable prosthodontics at the world-renowned Eastman Dental Institute, UCL. Morteza holds the Memberships of the Faculty of Dental Surgery and Prosthodontics from the
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and is recognized as a Specialist in Prosthodontics (General
Dental Council). Morteza's proficiency in managing complex prosthodontic and implant cases has earned him a stellar reputation in the dental community. His meticulous approach and attention to detail have
gained the trust of colleagues for patient referrals requiring complex planning and a multidisciplinary
Beyond his clinical pursuits, Morteza is passionate about educating and mentoring dentists and specialists. He holds affiliations with the Eastman Dental Institute, UCL, serving as a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Clinical Lecturer in the implant and prosthodontic departments. As part of his commitment to teaching Morteza continues to lecture and mentor dentists at local and national levels in advanced prosthodontics and implant treatments. He is co-founder of the Institute of Perio-Prosthodontics, where the aim is to bring a wealth of international experience and education to the UK. Morteza also serves as the director of Buckinghamshire Study Clubs for Dentinal Tubules members, local dentists, and referrers. In addition to being a key opinion leader for several dental companies, he has published in the Journal of Scientific Reports and Dental Update. Morteza's commitment to excellence in clinical dentistry and his methodical approach to teaching have earned the trust of many patients, trainees, and dentists over the past decade.

Our collaborations

International top speakers to provide the best knowledge from worldwide experts

Dr. Marco Veneziani

Active member of The Italian Academy of Conservative Dentistry (AIC)
Active member of The Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (IAED)
Active member of the International Academy for Digital Dental Medicine (IADDM)


Marco graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics at the University of Milan in 1988. He perfected his knowledge in Conservative and Prosthetic Dentistry with further postgraduate courses.

He is the sole author of the highly acclaimed book; Solutions: Adhesive Restorative Techniques and Surgical Workflows. He is a highly sought after International renowned speaker and we are extremely honoured to be able to host him in London in 2024.

Marco will be presenting his unique techniques and workflows for posterior adhesive dentistry. This will be an in depth two day programme with a combination of lectures and hands on workshops to reinforce the techniques discussed. Marco will break these procedures down such that they can be applicable to your daily workflows.

DR. David Gerdolle

Dr. Gerdolle graduated from the Dental University of Nancy (1993). He has Postgraduate Diplomas from the Universities of Paris and Gothenburg in Oral and Osteo-articular Biology, Implantology, Prosthodontics and Adhesive Dentistry.

His practice is dedicated to conservative and minimally invasive dentistry. He lectures internationally in seminars and congress meetings and provides hands-on courses and performs live demonstrations on patients in the field of adhesive and minimally invasive dentistry. As an author and a co-author, David has published widely in scientific national and international journals on topics relating to biomimetic adhesive dentistry.

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3

DR. Luca De Stavola

Dr. Luca De Stavola, with 20 years of experience in Bone Regeneration, is one of the leading figures in the discipline worldwide.
Through his extensive case experience, having treated approximately 4000 cases, he has developed a strong skill set and a deep understanding of his colleagues’ needs and concerns. This expertise is reflected in Dr. De Stavola’s courses, which are designed to be practical, concise, and aimed at fostering professional growth.
Graduated in Dentistry at the University of Padua (Italy) in 2001. Post Graduate program in Oral Surgery at the Prof. Khoury’s Clinic (Olsberg, Germany) in 2007. Master of Oral Medicine in Implant Dentistry at the University of Munster (Germany) in 2007. Elected President of the Italian Academy of Osseointegration (IAO) for the years 2027-2028.

Private office in Padua and Treviso, Italy. Co-inventor of the computer guided bone harvesting concept (SafeCut) and of the patented digital-workflow. Invited Speaker at the Spanish Society of Periodontology Annual Congresses (SEPA) 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2022 at the EAO Annual Congresses 2017, 2019 and 2022. EUROPERIO10 in 2022.

DR. mitul shah

He graduated in dentistry from King’s College London in 2012 and subsequently gained diverse experience in general practice, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and restorative dentistry. Motivated by these experiences, he pursued a career in Periodontics, completing an intensive four-year specialist training program at Guy’s Hospital with a distinction. Actively involved in the British Society of Periodontology, he served as the past chair of the Early Careers Group and contributed to the main BSP council. Known for his expertise in managing complex gum disorders and 'gummy smiles,' his care is characterized by precision and attention to detail. He frequently engages in continued professional development to stay abreast of the latest advances in clinical practice.

Key role in the British Society of Periodontology, serving as the past chair of the Early Careers Group and participating in the main BSP council
Experienced in managing complex gum disorders, reconstructing missing bone, and placing dental implants, with a particular expertise in treating 'gummy smiles'

Step 1: Simulation

The initial section of the course is dedicated to the art of simulation. Here, we will guide you through the process of creating a preview for your patient . This step is pivotal as it enables you to secure patient approval by showcasing the expected result through the wax up and by placing the mockup in the patient's mouth.

Step 2: Copy

The heart of the course lies in the "Copy" section. This phase delves into the intricate details of copying the diagnostic wax up in the injection moulding template. This process is executed using clear silicon, ensuring precision and attention to every nuance. The level of detail and thoroughness during this step is a hallmark of our course and sets the foundation for achieving exceptional results.

Step 3: Paste

The final section, "Paste," involves the execution phase within the patient's mouth. This step encompasses the duplication of the wax up, realised through the injection moulding technique you've learned. By seamlessly integrating the pasted version into the patient's oral cavity, you showcase the culmination of the simulation and copying phases. This execution is a testament to the perfected injection moulding technique and its potential to transform your practice.

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